Buy a Harbor 20 and let us pay you

Are you interested in buying a Harbor 20 and placing it in the Harbor 20 Sailing Club? By doing so, you can generate  income from boat rentals. Each month, we pay you 50% of the revenue collected from boat rentals which have taken place aboard your Harbor 20. Moreover, you have the option of earning compensation for making your boat available for sailing instruction. In addition to these two revenue sources, you may also be able to reap tax benefits. (All potential boat buyers considering the placement of their boat in the Harbor 20 Sailing Club are encouraged to speak to their individual tax advisors to find out how current tax laws specifically apply to them.)

The Harbor 20 Sailing Club seeks new Harbor 20’s to add to our fleet now. You own your boat and can sail it when you desire. When you are not sailing it, we rent it out. Each person chartering your boat will have to pass a rigorous sailing exam, as well as demonstrate their on-the-water seamanship to one of our US Coast Guard Licensed Captains and ASA Sailing Instructors. Once the charterer has been “checked out,” they are invited to rent your boat for a day sail, race, or race series.

Surely you may also be interested in how your boat will be taken care of. We constantly strive to maintain the Harbor 20’s to excellent standards and to ensure that they are race-ready. Aside from the fact that we are the only Harbor 20 boat rental Club in Newport Harbor, we also make sure we are known for providing beautiful boats that are well maintained. References of current boat owners in our Club are available upon request. You may also make an appointment to see the boats in our fleet.

We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions about our Harbor 20 Boat Owner Program. Please provide your  contact information in the form below or call us at 949 464-8720. You may also email us at