Rent the Harbor 20

The Harbor 20 Sailing Club is the only place in the Harbor to rent a newer Harbor 20 sailboat. The Harbor 20 is the most popular boat in Newport Harbor and for good reason. Take a look at its attributes:

  • It is very easy to sail
  • It seats up to 5 people
  • It has a quiet electric motor
  • It has two coolers–one for refreshments and one for food
  • It is very stable and cannot flip over

Monthly Lease:

$375 per month – This monthly lease gives you access to our fleet of Harbor 20’s for up to three days of sailing per month on any day of the week.   The term of the lease is 1 year.

If you have significant sailing experience, but have not sailed a Harbor 20 before, there is a $75 one-time orientation expense.  If you do not have significant sailing experience you can take the ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Certification Course or we can set up private lessons for you.

The Harbor 20 boat rental is a great alternative to renting an electric boat such as a Duffy. Did you know…
Attributes of Duffy and Harbor 20

  • Both have an electric motor
  • Both can seat a group of people
  • Both cruise quietly in the harbor
  • Both are easy to maneuver

In addition, renting a Harbor 20 is much less expensive than similar electric motor rentals. Consider the Harbor 20 pricing in comparison to a Duffy.  You can get three days on a Harbor 20 for about the same prices as one half day (4 hours) on a Duffy.

The savings to you is significant when you rent with the Harbor 20 Sailing Club. Not to mention the fact, that you will have a wonderful on the water sailing experience!

Would you like more information on renting the Harbor 20?